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Sell my iPhone: How to sell your iPhone for cash.

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You might have heard of different services that offer to buy old iPhones and other used smartphones – and they are even willing to pay money for your old device. MobileX is a trusted reseller in Detroit which offers the best price of your iphone. You can calculate the price of your iphone and bring your phone to get the promised amount.

Many have learned to be suspicious of various stores that sell and buy used products, such as smartphones and other electronic devices. However, at MobileX you can sell your iPhone without the fear of getting scammed. We would like to buy your old phone too. Read more to find out how you can sell your iphone.

How does selling phones to MobileX work?

The process of selling your old, used phone online can be easy and simple–if you choose the right place to sell. At MobileX we evaluate the price of your iphone according to it’s condition and offer the best price that you can get.

Whenever you are researching the market price of the device, take into account its current status. A good place to calculate the selling price of your device is on our price calculator page. If you want to sell your old phone you can get an idea of what’s the best price offered for your phone. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Select your Iphone.
  2. Enter details of your device to calculate the price and sell it for the best price offered!

What happens after I have sold my phone to MOBILEXPHONE?

After we have bought your phone and sent you the money, we will remove all of your data from the phone and then refurbish the old device and sell it forward. This way we can significantly expand the old phone’s lifespan, making MobileX a friendly choice both for the environment and your wallet.

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Your Box

Is your phone financed, blacklisted or activation locked?

We do NOT purchase phones that have been reported lost, stolen, blocked, blacklisted or activation locked.

You can check the ESN/IMEI Status of your phone by visiting


Condition Examples

Iphone s
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Sell iphone detroit
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Best I phone
iphone 6
*Scratches may be enhanced to show detail
Sell your Iphone
sell old Iphone
*Scratches may be enhanced to show detail

Tips to assess the condition of your device

Before assessing the condition of your device, we highly recommend the following:
  1. Remove the device from its cover and remove any screen protectors from the screen. We’ve had many instances where the cover and screen protector have left behind permanent marks on devices.
  2. Use a flashlight or put the device under a bright light to check for scratches on the screen.
  3. Visually inspect the device for any bends in the frame or any screen separation as this is a commonly overlooked issue.
  4. Check to see if any water damage indicators have been triggered. Click here for more information.